The To – Do List!

How to organise you’re to do list
A simple way to do this is with 3 easy steps “TO DO, TO DATE & TO DELEGATE” this will help you keep focus as to what needs doing and prioritise your business’s critical work.
 These are task’s that have to be done straight away the urgent Business critical work, the work that has been agreed to a time frame/deadline,  i.e. calling that all important client or Potential Client back. 
Tasks like updating your website/Blog, monthly invoices. Anything that can be scheduled – set yourself time frames and stick to them.
Anything that may not necessarily needs to be done by you but is still just as urgent.  These tasks should be delegated to an employee or Virtual Assistant/PA.  Tasks that you can delegate are for example, ensuring that invoices are going out on time, chasing the late payers, your Social media updates, making travel plans and diary management,  this then frees up your time to be better spent on what your good at, growing your business and making more money.
When writing your to do list remember you need to be Flexible enough to adapt your ‘to do list’ at a moment’s notice for anything that may arise in your day.  That sudden call or work that may come through that the client ‘wanted done yesterday’ or is extremely urgent.
Re organise your ‘to do list’ at the end of each day, spend 5 minutes at the end of your working day reorganising and re assessing your  ‘to do list’ this way tomorrow  when you start your working day you have a clear focus as to what needs to be done.   By making another ‘to do list’ before finishing work each day, you can considerably reduce your stress levels, as you can have a relaxing evening by  forgetting about work,  and not trying to remember what you need to do the next day.
Plan your working day and your life,  develop a system or method  that works for you and is easy to keep up to date more important relevant to your needs.
It should be a tool to assist your working life and not become another Chore.
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Top tips

G R Office Solutions stress busting Top Tips
From time to time we are all guilty of putting off those big tasks that are boring or you cannot face to do.  As a business owner you need to make sure that your time is spent productively, you want to make sure that the time spent working on your clients business or project is maximised to the best advantage. That any time you have spare is spent on building your own business? 
5 top tips for a stress free working day
How to organise and prioritise you’re to do list
Top Tips
1)       If a task seems too big to deal with, then break it up into more manageable chunks,  for example spend 15 minutes on the task then have a 2 minute break before you carry on with the task.  You will then find it easier to get motivated.
2)      Spring Clean your desk – once a month spring clean your desk and office, how much time do you spend looking for that all important file/paperwork/bill or even a business card? Knowing where it is will help you take control of your life and reduce stress. Tidy desk tidy mind!
3)      Take a break – Every 90 minutes go grab a drink or get some fresh air, allowing time to switch off for 5 minutes will help you take a fresh look at your business or what you are working on and help you put into perspective what is happening in the day.
4)      Plan in advance – take time at the start of the day or week to plan what you want to achieve.
5)      Delegate –do not be afraid to do this, before you delegate a task make sure you are familiar with the task in hand.  Ask yourself what outcome you want? This will help you to explain to the person that you are delegating the task to, what you need doing and the end result that you would like. Taking on too much is likely to make you feel stressed, Focus on what you do best and your areas of strength, then delegate the rest!


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5pm….Where has the day gone???

It’s the end of the working day already, if you could magic an extra hour into your working day what would you do?

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De Clutter your inbox

Bank holiday and holiday season is fast approaching which means time away from your business or place of work. This subsequently means time away from your computer and emails (unless you check them regularly on your iphone/blackberry)

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